Helping women STOP doubting themselves and uncover their inner power when faced with feelings of inadequacy in new career roles.


If you’ve recently got a new job, earned a promotion, or changed careers… 


Chances are you’re excited about this unique career opportunity.

You don’t see it only as a way to earn a living.

Instead, it’s a deep reflection of how much you care about your calling.

But soon, you realize the new journey is MORE challenging than expected.

To your surprise, you find yourself struggling.

Despite your exceptional qualifications, you worry people will expose you as a fraud.

And even when you receive positive feedback, you believe you were lucky to get where you are. 

On top of that, there’s the constant feeling of not belonging. 

You don’t fit in.

I understand you, and I know what you feel is real.

In the past, experiencing self-doubt in a new job was a part of my journey, too. 

I was convinced that if I didn’t know it all, I wasn’t an expert. 

Like I could never know enough.

I read books and articles, thinking that one more piece of knowledge would finally silence the nagging insecurity

I dedicated myself to making everything just right, sometimes to the brink of fatigue.


Here's something you should know…


Underestimating your skills is exhausting and makes your work far more stressful than it needs to be.

And there’s a chance this isn’t the first time you’re downplaying your capabilities. 

Let me tell you…

You’re not alone.

Many women go through this at some point in their careers.

It's normal to be a bit nervous, but the problem is when these insecurities become chronic

You know…

When you often grapple with undervaluing your abilities.

It’s also easy to feel isolated when you go through the struggles of not believing you’re truly competent.

Like you're the only one dealing with self-doubt. 

But it’s a common experience hundreds of thousands of women like you go through…

And it’s perfectly okay to admit you’re struggling.

I’m here to provide support.

I help women like you transform their fears and insecurities into confidence and a sense of empowerment in their new career roles.

You don't have to go through these struggles alone. 

And there are ways to deal with this set of challenges.


I have some good news to share with you...


You can overcome self-doubt, build self-trust, and believe you have what it takes.

When you raise your self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy can become a distant memory.

No more worrying that people will find out you’re not good enough.

And you can let go of the pressure to overwork to prove your worth.

It’s time for you to recognize you deserve this fantastic new opportunity so you can make a significant contribution at work.

Let me say it again…

You’re not alone in this journey.

I’m here to support you towards a less overwhelmed You.

I’ve helped other women who felt the same as you. 

And I can help you turn this around so you enjoy and appreciate your work more.

In my work with women, I facilitate an innovative female empowerment program designed specifically for the female mind.

Through the process, you release what’s holding you back, and you also shift your perspective regarding the situations that trigger you in your life.

Read what some of the women I’ve worked with say...

* * * * *

Stuck because of limiting beliefs, I felt incompetent, and ashamed of myself. I couldn't think straight anymore and everything was a burden. 

Danijela helped me not only overcome these feelings but also took away my limiting beliefs. I just don't know what it is anymore to live in fear of failure and self-doubt.

What she does is unbelievable. Since our sessions, I am confident in succeeding in the way I want. I rarely have the need for confirmation from others to believe in my own competencies. My life has changed completely.



* * * * *

Before my sessions with Danijela, I let fear take over. 

Today I feel more confident, and I complete every single thing with pleasure whereas it felt like a burden before. 

I understand that I can do everything without stressing out or judging myself. One step at a time. So grateful to be in this place now.

Danijela helped me unblock all these emotions and beliefs that I had. She did that with a lot of compassion, warmth, patience, and understanding. I knew that I was in good hands, and I trusted her totally.



* * * * *

I got unsure and insecure about myself and my abilities in my work. I thought:

''I can't do this. I'm not good enough. Maybe this isn't for me. I'm not smart enough to do this.''

I felt overwhelmed, and scared, like I was failing. I reacted with anxiety and pain in my chest.

Now, I believe I’ll be okay because I know what I'm doing. I’ve got it in me!

I can't even recognize myself from before. I feel totally opposite. I feel happy and positive.

I really can’t believe the change. It’s just amazing to feel the release.


If you're ready...


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